Terms & Conditions

Terms & Condition
1. To get daily growth income you have to give 1 left or 1 right Business.
2. There should be 1:2 and 2:1 Business to get matching income.
3. Joining will look like a Distributor of a Skybyz Global Clube.
4. Minimum 18 years Age required to join the system.
5. Joining is compulsory with product. This concept works on product base system.
6. You need to attend the company meetings and seminars to get the Incomes. If you don’t attend the meetings you will lose your income.
7. Weakly meeting will be held in leaders Area .Monthly meetings will be held in Raipur C.G.
8. Daily Closing Payment will be given weekly. 10% Handling charges and 5% Deduction for Product Purchase.
9. There is no registration fees joining is free. To get activate your id you need to purchase 1000/- rs Product.
10. Distributor will get 15% commission on all products.
11. You can generate Pin from your E-wallet.
12. Our software is designed to provide better services to the distributor only. Understand this is only a Reward Calculator.